French Casement Push Out (Outswing) Bronze Clad

The French casement is a double swing sash window without a center mull which normally separates mulled casement windows. It allows for wider field of vision when both sashes are in open position. With multiple interior wood species and finish options. Bronze extrusions up to a 1/8” in thickness ensure lasting durability. Available in several Patina Finish options. Used as single or with other windows throughout the home.

Wood – Window – Casement – French Casement Push Out (Outswing) Bronze Clad

Product Specifications

Depending on glass choice and light break up.
Minimum size is 36” wide X 24” height
Maximum size is 72” wide X 72” height
Thickness - Standard 1 5/8” rabbeted jamb
Depth – Standard 4 9/16”
Assembled with sealant and stainless steel fasteners
All four sides include kerfed weather-strip
Thickness - Standard 2 ¼”
3 ¼” wide stiles and rails
Assembled with exterior grade wood glue, coped and dowels
All four sides include kerfed weather-strip
Wood Screen
Thickness - Standard 1 1/8”
2” wide stiles and rails
Assembled with exterior grade wood glue, coped and dowels
Invisivue view screen mesh
Wood screens not available for windows over max size


Available as Single and can be mulled horizontally.

Mulled Horizontal French Casement
Single French Casement

Sticking & Panel Profiles

Use muntins to create interest or fit particular architectural designs. Arcadia Custom products can be ordered with custom grid patterns in SDL. Only one option for bronze clad profile available.

Sticking Options

Species & Finishes

Wood species
Incense Cedar Sanded

Wood species

  • Accoya Sanded
  • Accoya Wire Brushed
  • Incense Cedar Sanded
  • Incense Cedar Wire Brushed
  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Oak/Rustic Oak
  • Walnut
  • Vertical Grain Fir
Paint / Stain
Cedar - Sanded Barnwood


  • Cedar - Sanded Barnwood
  • Cedar - Sanded Country
  • Cedar - Sanded Country Black
  • Cedar - Sanded Country Brown
  • Cedar - Sanded Driftwood
  • Cedar - Sanded Dune Gray
  • Cedar - Sanded Glazed Red Mahogany
  • Cedar - Sanded Glazed Walnut
  • Cedar - Sanded Lt Country Black
  • Cedar - Sanded Red Mahogany
  • Cedar - Sanded Red Walnut
  • Cedar - Sanded Redwood Brown
  • Cedar - Sanded Rincon
  • Cedar - Sanded Rubbed Blue
  • Cedar - Sanded Rubbed Red
  • Cedar - Sanded Rubbed White
  • Cedar - Sanded Rustico
  • Cedar - Sanded Rustico Red
  • Cedar - Sanded Tuscan Green
  • Cedar - Sanded Tuscan Walnut
  • Paint - Black Bean Soup
Santa Barbara Distress


  • Santa Barbara Distress
  • Regular Distress
  • Heavy Sanded Regular Distress
  • European Distress
Bronze Finish
Antique Bronze

Bronze Finish

  • Antique Bronze
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Raw
Actual finish colors shown may vary due to photography & printing. Ask your dealer for an actual sample.
Wood species
Incense Cedar Sanded
Paint / Stain
Cedar - Sanded Barnwood
Santa Barbara Distress
Bronze Finish
Antique Bronze

Available Hardware

Wood Windows – Window Push Out Friction Hinge (1)

Push Out Friction Hinge

Wood Windows – Wood Screen Hinge

Butt Hinge

Wood Doors – Butt Hinge for Radius Windows

Butt Hinge

Wood Doors – Manor Multipoint

Manor Multipoint

Wood WIndows – Alpine Window Multipoint

Alpine Multipoint

Wood Windows – Window Wood Screen Pull

Wood Screen Pull

Wood Windows – Window Roll Down Screen (1)

Roll Down Screen

Glass Options

Arcadia Custom offers improved energy performance insulated glass utilizing warm-edge spacer technology.

3/4" overall glass thickness on dual-glaze
Glass Makeup
Dual glaze - 1/8" individual panes with 1/2" air space for 3/4" overall glass thickness (standard product)
Triple glaze - 1 5/16" overall glass thickness
Single glaze - 3/16" thick glass
Stainless steel corrugated black
20 year limited warranty
High Performance
Improved energy performance
Clear tempered
Clear laminated
Gray and bronze tint
Low Iron - ultra clear
Cardinal 180 low-E
Cardinal 270 low-E
Cardinal 340 low-E
Cardinal 366 low-E
Cardinal I89 (4th surface Low-E)
Pattern glass
Other glass types available upon request
Preserve film and neet coating available
Dual-Glazed Black Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Warm-Edge Spacer
Triple-Glazed Super Spacer
Triple Glazed Warm-Edge Spacer

Additional Options

Interior Trim

Nailing Fin

1 ½” folding nail fin with holes punched every 3 ½”". Hinge and locking feature allows the fin to be shipped flat to the jambs and then folded into place for installation

Kerf for Bullnose

Jamb Extender




San Carlos


Any Arch Top

Roll Down Screen

Only for Square Top

Standard Screen

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