Casement Window

  • CV200

Featuring zero sight lines (no exterior framing sight line build up) and excellent functionality, this non-thermal Window comes available in casement, awning, hopper, and fixed configurations.


Product Specifications

Casement sash up to 3’ wide, 6’ tall. No project in windows, No inside glazed option.
Thermally Broken
Sashes and frames for improved energy performance
High Performance Glass
1” dual-glazed, Low-E glass, see Technical Specifications for NFRC Chart
Frame Depth
Single arm roto crank with butt hinges and multipoint casement lock; push out cam locks with 4 bar friction hinges; optional clerestory hardware available
Operation / Configuration
Crank-out or push-out operation options; available as single, double, triple, or multiple operating sashes; matching transoms available


Available as Single, Double, Triple or Multiple Operating Sashes; matching Transoms available.

Colors & Finishes

Finish type
Anodized Standard
  • Anodized Standard
  • Anodized Premium
  • Paint Anodize
  • Paint Kynar
  • Paint Kynar Custom
Anodized Standard
AC1 - Clear

Anodized Standard

  • AC1 - Clear
  • AB7 - Dark Bronze
Anodized Standard
AC1 - Clear

Available Hardware

Arcadia Custom offers quality hardware in many finish options to match any luxury home. Our CV200 casement window comes with a single arm roto crank with butt hinges and multipoint casement lock or push out cam locks with 4 bar friction hinges; optional clerestory hardware available.

Aluminum-Casement Window-Push-out or Inswing Lock-Single Point Cam Handle-Satin Nickel Finish1

Single Point Cam Handle*

Satin Nickel Finish | *Multiple handles installed on windows over 46" tall.
Aluminum-Casement Window-push-out or inswing lock-single point cam handle-black finish

Single Point Cam Handle*

Black Finish | *Multiple handles installed on windows over 46" tall.
Aluminum-Casement Window-Roto Crank Handle -Standard-Satin Nickel Finish

Roto Crank Handle | Standard

Satin Nickel Finish
Aluminum-Casement Window-Folding Roto Crank handle -optional-black finish

Folding Roto Crank Handle | Optional

Black Finish

Multipoint Lock

Satin Nickel Finish

Multipoint Lock

Black Finish
Aluminum-Casement window-hinges-butt hinge-satin finish1

Butt Hinge

Clear Anodized Finish
Aluminum-Casement window-hinges-butt hinge-black finish

Butt Hinge

Black Finish

Glass Options

Thicker, 1” overall architectural-grade glass
Glass Makeup:
1/4" x 1/2" x 1/4"
High performance super spacer, Matte Black finish
Improved sound absorption
High windload resistance
10-year limited warranty
High Performance:
Improved energy performance with latest Low-E technology and composite spacer
Single - Glazed 1/4"
Dual-Glazed 1" OA
Triple-Glazed 1 1/2"* OA
Clear tempered
Clear laminated
Grey and Bronze tint
Low Iron – Ultra Clear
Guardian 62 | 27 Low-E
Guardian 70 | 36 Low-E
Guardian IS 20 [4th surface Low-E]
Other glass types available upon request
Stainless steel spacer available (Argon Glass, High-Altitude Glass, Impact Glass)
* Argon Glass
* High-Altitude Glass
* Impact Glass
Dual-Glazed Black Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Super Spacer 1” Overall Glass Thickness
Dual-Glazed Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Stainless-Steel Spacer 1” Overall Glass Thicknes
Triple Glaze Glass
Triple Glazed Super Spacer 1 ½” Overall Glass Thickness
Single Glazed 1/4” Glass Thickness

Additional Options

Jamb Types

Removable fixed aluminum screen with clip available for roto-crank operation; hinged aluminum screen available for push-out operation; charcoal insect mesh or Invisivue screen mesh available

Block Frame

Nail Fin

Long Equal Legs

Short Equal Legs

Unequal Legs

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