French Casement Window

  • TSX2200 (Inswing)
  • TSX3200 (Outswing)

Our French Casement windows are classically narrow in sightline and elegant in function. When both of our TSX3200 outswing sashes are opened there is no vertical mullion to obstruct the view. Our inswing TSX2200 French Casement Windows are quite useful in areas where outswing sashes would be an inconvenience, such as with exterior decks or stairs.


Product Specifications

Casement sash up to 3’6” wide, 8’ tall
Thermally Broken
Sashes and frames for improved energy performance
High Performance Glass
Standard 1 1/8” dual-glazed, Low-E glass, other options available; see Technical Specifications for NFRC values
Frame Depth
Standard 1 13/16”, other options available
TSX2200: Pull-in, with butt hinges, multi-point or simplex lock
TSX3200: Roto crank with butt hinges and multipoint casement lock or Push-out with butt hinges or concealed hinges


Available as French Casement, 1/2 Round Transom over French Casement and other configurations.

Steel Window 1_2 Round Transom Over French Casement
1/2 Round Transom Over French Casement
Steel Window Twin_French Casement
Twin/French Casement

Glazing Frame & Muntin Options

For architectural design flexibility, we offer four glazing frame options, including Putty, Sloped Bevel, Offset and Square. These welded one-piece glazing frames are all factory installed.

SDLs or TDLs
Grid Layout Options
Steel window Casements 3 Lite
Steel window Casements 6 Lite

Colors & Finishes

Finish type
Paint Finishes
  • Paint Finishes
  • Metalized Patina Finish Options
Sift Espresso (Texture)


  • 9011 Black
  • Argento 305 Metallic
  • Atelier Dominique
  • Black Bean Soup
  • Brick Red
  • Champagne 301 Metallic
  • Jet Black
  • Sandstone
  • Sift Espresso (Texture)
  • Statuary Bronze
Master Circle_1033F_TSX1000Fixed &TSX2000Casement_3
Master Circle_1033F_TSX1000Fixed &TSX2000Casement_3
Actual finish colors shown may vary due to photography & printing. Ask your dealer for an actual sample.
Paint Finishes
Sift Espresso (Texture)

Available Hardware

Arcadia Custom offers quality hardware in many finish options to match any luxury home. Our TSX2200 French casement window comes with butt hinges, multi-point or simplex lock. Our TSX3200 comes with a roto crank handle, butt hinges and a multipoint casement lock or push-out with butt hinges or concealed friction hinges.

Steel Window-Simplex- Single Point (page 38)

Simplex – Single Point

Available on push-out, in-swing. Two locks on windows over 48”
Blackened Bronze Silicon Dark Silicon Light Silicon Medium White Bronze
Steel Window-Multi-point Trim (Steel) bronze

Multi-point Trim (Steel)

Black and Nickel Finish Only
Steel Window-Multi-point Trim (Steel) black

Multi-Point Trim (Steel)

Black and Nickel Finish Only
Steel Window-Bronze Multi-point Trim

Bronze Multi-point Trim

Blackened Bronze Silicon Dark Silicon Light Silicon Medium White Bronze
Steel Window-Bronze Multi-point Sash T-Pull

Bronze Multi-point Sash T-Pull

Used with multi-point trim on push-out window
Blackened Bronze Silicon Dark Silicon Light Silicon Medium White Bronze
Steel Window-Brushed Nickel Crank-Out Operator (Steel) (page 38)

Crank-Out Operator (Steel)

Black and Nickel Finish Only
Steel Window-Black Crank-Out Operator (Steel)

Crank-Out Operator (Steel)

Black and Nickel Finish Only
Steel Window-Bronze Crank-Out Operator

Bronze Crank-Out Operator

Out-swing casement window only, (not available for awning windows)
Blackened Bronze Silicon Dark Silicon Light Silicon Medium White Bronze
Steel Door Butt Hinge – Standard (Solid Bronze)

Butt Hinge - Standard (Solid Bronze)

Supplied with 3 1⁄2" × 3 1⁄2" commercial-grade butt hinges and a single arm operator.
Blackened Bronze Silicon Dark Silicon Light Silicon Medium White Bronze
Steel Window-Concealed Friction Hinge (Stainless Steel)

Concealed Friction Hinge (Stainless Steel)

Available on Push-Out, Awning, and Hopper. Weight limit 120lbs

Glass Options

Arcadia Custom offers improved energy performance insultated glass utilizing warm-edge spacer technology. This glass is a dual seal system that utilizes a high-performance acrylic adhesive that helps reduce thermal conductivity.

Thicker, 1 1/8” overall glass thickness on dual-glaze
Glass Makeup:
Dual glaze - 1/4” individual panes with 5/8” air space for 1 1/8” over all glass thickness (standard product)
Triple glaze – 1 1/2” Over all glass thickness
Single glazed - 3/8” thick glass
High performance composite spacer, matte black finish
Improved sound absorption
High wind load resistance
10 year limited warranty
High Performance:
Improved energy performance
Clear tempered
Clear laminated
Grey and bronze tint
Low Iron – ultra clear
Guardian 62/27 low-E
Guardian 70/36 low-E
Guardian IS 20 (4th surface Low-E)
Other glass types available upon request
Stainless steel spacer available
Dual-Glazed Black Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Warm-Edge Spacer 1 1/8" Overall Glass Thickness
Dual-Glazed Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Stainless-Steel Spacer 1 1/8” Overall Glass Thickness
Triple-Glazed Super Spacer
Triple Glazed Warm-Edge Spacer 1 ½” Overall Glass Thickness
Single Glazed Warm-Edge Spacer 3/8” Glass Thickness

Additional Options

Window Mulling Options
Anchoring Options
Screen Options

Integral Mullion Details


Integral Mullion Details


Integral Mullion Details


Structural Mullion Details


Structural Mullion Details


Structural Mullion Details


Direct Anchor

Always required for butt hinges

Anchor Clip

Nail Flange/Clip

Roll Down with Multipoint Handle

Roll Down with Multipoint Handle

Removable Header Outswing

Removable Hinge Outswing


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