Single Hung Window

  • 52T

The 52T is a single hung window with the lower sash being operable and lifts up with the upper sash always being fixed. This thermally broken window achieves a high level of performance when it comes to reducing the amount of hot and cold transfer from the exterior to the interior of your home. This combined with high performance 1” Low-e insulated glazing that gives a “one two punch” against the elements. Also available as a double hung window. 

Aluminum-Windows-Sliding-Single Hung T520

Product Specifications

Window unit up to 3’ wide, 6’ tall
Thermally Broken
Thermally broken using P&D technology for improved energy performance
Frame Depth
3 15/16"
High Performance Glass
15/16” dual-glazed, Low-E glass
Spiral sash balancers with 1 center sash lock
Available as a single unit, mulled side by side. Double hung available. Both top and bottom panels are operable.


Available as Single Hung or Double Hung Operation.

T520 Single Hung Window
52T Single Hung Window
T520 Mulled Single Hung
52T Mulled Single Hung

Colors & Finishes

Finish type
Anodized Premium
  • Anodized Standard
  • Anodized Premium
  • Paint Anodize
  • Paint Kynar
  • Paint Kynar Custom
Anodized Premium
AB1 - Light Champagne

Anodized Premium

  • AB1 - Light Champagne
  • AB2 - Champagne
  • AB3 - Light Bronze
  • AB4 - Medium Bronze
  • AB5 - Medium Bronze
  • AB6 - Dark Bronze
  • AB8 - Black
AML Architecture – Southampton
AML Architecture – Southampton
T225 Doors – 1029 Ridgedale – 2H1A0676
T225 Doors – 1029 Ridgedale – 2H1A0676
T225 Doors – 1029 Ridgedale – 2H1A0676
Actual finish colors shown may vary due to photography & printing. Ask your dealer for an actual sample.
Anodized Premium
AB1 - Light Champagne

Available Hardware

Arcadia Custom offers quality hardware in many finish options to match any luxury home. Our 52T single hung window comes with spiral sash balancers with 1 center sash lock.

Single Hung Lock – 1000 x 720

Single Hung Lock

Additional Options

Jamb Type

Fixed aluminum screen, set to exterior

Block Frame

Nail Fin

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