Multi-Fold Door

  • Oasis 10000
Hurricane Impact Rated Series

Thermally broken, high-performance, and energy efficient, the Oasis 10000 Multi-Fold Door is a top-hung system for large openings. Door panels can be folded away to reveal an uninterrupted view when open, yet remain in the same plane when closed. Removing the need for fixed panels or structural posts allows for maximum sunlight and fresh air to enter the room. Designed and engineered as an outswing for maximum weather performance.

Aluminum Sliding Doors Mulit-fold Oasis10000

Product Specifications

Individual door panels up to 39” wide,10’ tall, not to exceed 220 lbs. Overall door system length a maximum of 50’ wide,10’ tall, with up to 16 door panels [8 right, 8 left]
Thermally Broken
Door panels and frames for improved energy performance
High Performance Glass
1” dual-glazed, Low-E glass, see Technical Specifications for NFRC Chart
Frame Depth
6 ½”
Stainless steel precision bearing top rollers, intermediate pivot hinges
Twin-Point Lock
Streamline twin-point locks keep doors secure when closed and provide for easy, one-handed operation; sturdy 2 1⁄4” thick door profile


Available as 3 to 8 folding door panels in either direction, with operable daily use or man door.

3 Door
4 Door
5 Door
6 Door
7 Door
8 Door | *Inoperable from exterior

Glass Stop & Muntin Options

Use muntins to create interest or fit particular architectural designs. Our Oasis 10000 Multi-Fold Door can be ordered with custom grid SDL patterns. True Divided Lites are not available.

SDLs only

Colors & Finishes

Finish type
Anodized Standard
  • Anodized Standard
  • Anodized Premium
  • Paint Anodize
  • Paint Kynar
  • Paint Kynar Custom
Anodized Standard
AC1 - Clear

Anodized Standard

  • AC1 - Clear
  • AB7 - Dark Bronze
Anodized Standard
AC1 - Clear

Available Hardware

Arcadia Custom offers quality hardware in many finish options to match any luxury home. Our 10000 Oasis Multi-Fold Door comes with a European-style handle, multipoint lock with a keyed exterior and thumbturn interior, stainless-steel precision bearing top rollers and intermediate pivot hinges.

Aluminum-Swinging Door-NS212T_MS362T Entrance Door-10000 Multi-Fold Door-Vogue I Multipoint Handle Black Finish

Vogue I Multipoint Handle

Black Finish 1' 1⁄4” x 8' 5/8”
Aluminum-Swinging Door-NS212T_MS362T Entrance Door-10000 Multi-Fold Door-Vogue I Multipoint Handle Brushed Nickel Finish

Vogue I Multipoint Handle

Brushed Nickel Finish 1' 1⁄4” x 8' 5/8”

Glass Options

Thicker, 1” overall architectural-grade glass
Glass Makeup:
1/4" x 1/2" x 1/4"
High performance super spacer, Matte Black finish
Improved sound absorption
High windload resistance
10-year limited warranty
High Performance:
Improved energy performance with latest Low-E technology and composite spacer
Single - Glazed 1/4"
Dual-Glazed 1" OA
Triple-Glazed 1 1/2"* OA
Clear tempered
Clear laminated
Grey and Bronze tint
Low Iron – Ultra Clear
Guardian 62 | 27 Low-E
Guardian 70 | 36 Low-E
Guardian IS 20 [4th surface Low-E]
Other glass types available upon request
Stainless steel spacer available (Argon Glass, High-Altitude Glass, Impact Glass)
* Argon Glass
* High-Altitude Glass
* Impact Glass
Dual-Glazed Black Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Super Spacer 1” Overall Glass Thickness
Dual-Glazed Stainless Spacer
Dual Glazed Stainless-Steel Spacer 1” Overall Glass Thicknes
Triple Glaze Glass
Triple Glazed Super Spacer 1 ½” Overall Glass Thickness
Single Glazed 1/4” Glass Thickness

Additional Options

Jamb Type

2 1/8“ Performance outswing sill

3/4” [from finished floor] Low-profile sill (No air or water performance); 1/2" [from finished floor] ADA Low-profile sill (No air or water performance)

Flush track sill (No air or water performance)

Horizontal sliding pocket screens

Block Frame

Optional non-anchoring Nail Fin for flashing backing only

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