Thermal Steel Technology

Our patented Thermal Steel iCore technology combines world-class machining and laser-cutting technology to create products that boast exceptional energy efficiency and a smooth, seamless finish.

Precision-engineered performance

Designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art Thermal Steel facility, our patented windows and doors exemplify both energy efficiency and visual appeal.

  • Laser cut to ensure accuracy
    a. Cut from single 10-gauge plates without corner welds
    b. Computerized laser with peerless degree of precision
    c. Laser-cut hardware and screw holes
  • Clean finish and fit
    a. Stainless steel plates and GRP bonded together through thermal mechanical fusion
    b. Fully welded decorative glazing frame installed in one piece
    c. High-performance insulated glass with structural glazing techniques
    d. 304 stainless steel protects against rust
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Arcadia Custom's iCore Technology

Each of our thermal steel doors and windows incorporates our proprietary iCore Technology, with:

  • Stainless steel construction, composite core and stainless or solid bronze hardware, guaranteeing rust-free results
  • Thermal break design, for the most energy-efficient steel windows and doors available
  • Factory-glazed glass installed in a controlled environment, ensuring product is square and leaks won’t occur at the glass
  • Laser-cut stainless steel process, eliminating welded corners for a seamless, smooth corner surface
  • Welded single-piece glazing frames, creating a clean, finished look at the glazing bead joints not possible with on-site installations
  • Factory-installed glass and installation clips or nailing flange, expediting the installation process
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Components of our patented iCore system

  1. Warm Edge Technology.
    a. This high-performance insulated glass is factory installed using structural glazing methods and materials.
  2. Welded Aluminum Glazing Frame.
    a. Four designs are currently available.
  3. 10-Gauge Laser-Cut 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Sash
  4. 10-Gauge Laser-Cut 304 Stainless Steel Exterior Frame
  5. High-performance Silicone Gasket Weatherstrip. Four points of contact ensure a tight weather seal.
  6. Thermal Mechanical Fusion Stainless Steel Frame. Welded stainless steel studs insert into the GRP, creating a mechanical bond
  7. GRP. Glass Reinforced Pultrusion is a structural composite thermal break material minimizing heat loss or gain.
  8. 10-Gauge Laser-Cut 304 Stainless Steel Interior Frame
  9. 10-Gauge Laser-Cut 304 Stainless Steel Interior Sash
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How Thermal Steel Windows and Doors are Made by Arcadia Custom