Steel Look

Our Steel Look aluminum products are an economical solution allowing you to effortlessly express your vision for your space. As an alternative solution to steel, they are available in eloquent traditional styles or with the clean lines of contemporary designs. Streamlined and refined, our Steel Look windows and doors have been enhancing the beauty of American homes since 1947.

The true steel alternative option

Arcadia Custom Steel Look aluminum products are very similar to traditional steel systems and more than simply “steel look” products. They were derived from actual steel products that we have been manufacturing for decades. Thermally broken and artistically designed, the products in our premium Metal Window and Door Series retain many of the features and aesthetics of the classic original steel products. What makes them really look like steel is our narrow 2 ¼” frame depth, the lock box synonymous with traditional steel doors, the beveled glass stop and 3/4” SDL beveled muntin that simulate the look of original “putty” glazed windows. Also, we have the unique ability to mull “gang” different units together to create a Steel Look window wall. Created with modern design needs in mind, our Steel Look aluminum products can be combined with our Thermal Steel products, allowing for a truly transformative degree of design flexibility.

A classic look with modern appeal

Indistinguishable from steel. Available in traditional and modern styles. Can be combined with other Thermal Aluminum or Thermal Steel products.