Design and Engineering Expertise

Precision-engineered doors and windows

Arcadia brings almost 90 years of knowledge, experience and passion to our residential door and window products. We combine sophisticated engineering, design, and precision manufacturing techniques to create innovative and high-quality doors and windows.

Arcadia Custom products are engineered, then tested in our in-house air, water and wind load-testing chamber to ensure performance and longevity. Products are engineered for thermal performance to meet demand for improved energy efficiency, as well as some for hurricane performance.


From vision to functional reality

Our door and window solutions create a stylish space that reflects your vision, preferences, and comfort. We achieve this through a wide range of sizes, options and configurations carefully designed to meet the requirements of your home.

Imagine opening up your world and embracing nature with a simple slide or push. The location of your home now becomes an exquisite detail of your layout. Virtually endless style choices allow you to expand your footprint with doors that create seamless indoor/outdoor connections. Easily fuse indoor and outdoor spaces as desired, and then separate them again as function dictates. Arcadia Custom products make all of this possible.

Invite natural light in, remove barriers, and expand views with windows and window walls tailored to your home. Our wide variety of door and window options allows you to uniquely frame endless vistas, capture magnificent skylines and embrace nature in sophisticated fashion.

With Arcadia Custom’s expertly engineered door and window solutions, your home becomes a living work of art.