COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

March 23, 2020

In recent weeks we have seen the growth of COVID-19 around the world. In the US, individual states and municipalities are handling the situation differently. Arcadia Custom operates three separate facilities: Los Angeles CA, Tucson AZ, and Stamford CT. We are monitoring the government actions in each of these areas closely.

To date, the most restrictive requirements have come out of California and Connecticut, both issuing a “Shelter in Place” Order for all non-essential businesses. The state of California has designated the Residential Housing Construction Industry as an essential part of the infrastructure, and Connecticut has designated the Construction Industry as essential, thus businesses engaged in this industry are exempt from shutting down.

At this time, Arcadia Custom will continue operations at all three facilities. We are in close contact with all of our major suppliers, and most of them plan to continue operations as well.

Our number one concern remains safeguarding the health and well-being of our employees. We are taking the following measures to limit the spread of COVID-19: 

  • No longer allowing visitors to our facilities. 
  • Asking any employee that shows flu-like symptoms to seek medical attention right away, and not allowing them to return to work until they have medical clearance. 
  • Full time employees tasked with constant disinfecting of the facilities with emphasis on high-touch areas. 
  • Adopted CDC guidelines for social distancing on the production floor as well as in the offices. 
  • Allowing when possible, employees to work from home. 

We realize this situation evolves and we will continue to monitor it closely and keep you informed if we see anything changing. 

We appreciate our partnership with you, and look forward to emerging from this crisis even stronger. 

Stay well, Stay optimistic. 


Greg LeFevre
General Manger

At this time, Arcadia Custom will continue operations at all three facilities.

March 23, 2020