Accoya Wood

Wood doors and windows offer exceptional visual appeal, but are often associated with a high level of upkeep. Our Accoya® wood doors are designed to be low maintenance and weather resistant, even in challenging conditions.

Better performance than hardwood

A sustainable modified timber, Accoya®

A sustainable modified timber, Accoya® is an ideal wood option for external window frames, doors and window shutters. It offers better thermal insulation properties than common hardwood and softwood species, while being more durable and having better structural integrity than the best tropical hardwoods. Ideal for coating, Accoya® wood can last twice as long as other wood materials, saving time, money and upkeep. Accoya® wood windows and doors are made to excel in external applications, even in challenging conditions. Visually striking and high performance, Accoya® windows and doors bring light into your home while keeping the weather out.

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The Accoya®difference

  • 75% less shrinking and swelling
  • Easy to coat and sand
  • 70-year service life
  • 50-year above ground guarantee
  • 25-year below ground warranty
  • FSC certified

Achieve double LEED v4 credits

Sustainable and energy efficient, Accoya®can help you earn LEED v4 credits for energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. In some instances, Accoya® can help reach double the criteria limit.


Acetylated radiata pine

Created from sustainably-sourced wood, Accoya® undergoes a proprietary, non-toxic acetylation process that permanently modifies the wood to the core.

This alters the cell structure of the softwood, transforming the naturally occurring free hydroxyls into acetyl groups. Once the process is complete, the Accoya wood is harder, more durable, and more resistant bacteria, to temperature change, and rot. Its capacity to absorb water is reduced by up to 80% making it far more dimensionally stable. Furthermore, the compositional alteration that occurs means that fungi does not recognize Accoya as a wood and will not attack it. The process also makes Accoya indigestible to insects, eliminating the risk of infestation. It is durable, dimensionally stable, and non-toxic. Accoya is based on the Acetylation of plantation grown softwood, the gold standard in the academic field of wood science for over 80 years.

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